Current Version 3.11.7

Address Printing, Labeling and Data Storage Application


The Home form showing a #10 envelope with 4 addresses and a return address.


The Home form showing a 10 x 3 labelsheet with addresses on a few labels.


The Home form with 5 postcards with images and addresses.


The Home form showing a postcard with a MS Word document converted to an image.  A postcard size portion of the Word document was captured with the Windows 7 snippet tool and saved as a graphics file.  It can then be added into a Image Placeholder in LabelEase (search Image Placeholder in LabelEase Help, inside the LabelEase program).  Print multiple copies of this by setting the 'copies' property in the printer dialog during the print process.  After printing this side of the postcard, it can be turned over and run through the printer again but this time, addresses are printed on the postcard.

A little more detail on creating the image: turn on 'rulers' in Word and set the right margin to about 5 inches.   Confine the message text height to about 4 inches.  Capture that with the snippet tool and save it. Navigate to (point to) this image from within LabelEase to display the image on the postcard.