Current Version 3.11.7

Address Printing, Labeling and Data Storage Application


As well as US addresses, LabelEase stores and prints international addresses. The items that make up the address and the order in which they are arranged when printed, is referred to as a locale in LabelEase. A locale is selected when an address is entered and is stored with the address. This means your address database can contain addresses to many different countries. Each address will be formatted correctly when printed.

LabelEase installs US, European, British and many other address locales. You can also create your own locales using the Locale Designer form.


This image shows a European address in the print preview window of LabelEase. It also shows how to select and use a European locale for address entry.



Examples of address entry:

The images below show the LabelEase Address Entry form and how to select a locale when entering an address.

Help with address entry and locales is available by pressing the F1 key in LabelEase.


entering a European address



entering an Australian address



the locale designer

You can create and save a locale using the Locale Designer form shown below.

Press the F1 key in LabelEase for help with locales.