Current Version 3.11.7

Address Printing, Labeling and Data Storage Application


LabelEase saves you time and money by printing directly on any media.

Features Summary

  • General
    • Runs on Windows including Windows.  (Use desktop mode in Windows 10)
    • Use any Windows compatible printer
    • Use British (US) or Metric units
  • User Interface
    • After a month of inactivity it is easy to remember how to use LabelEase
    • Drag and drop one or more addresses from integrated address list (database) to any label or media
    • Local help file accessed by pressing F1 on keyboard
    • Single form operation for everyday use (convenient, fewer mouse clicks)
    • Starts up connected to the database (convenient, fewer mouse clicks)
    • No templates: Easily create labelsheets of any specification.
  • Printing
    • Print a single address on any label on a labelsheet. You don't have to print an entire labelsheet of labels.
    • Print directly on envelopes, post cards, fliers etc
    • Dynamically creates papersizes (many printers support this. Canon Pixma for example)
    • Place addresses anywhere on media
    • Rotate address text 180 degrees (for printing on back flap of envelope)
    • Print graphics
    • Print a single graphic image on a label (you don't have to print an entire labelsheet of images)
    • Use any font, font size or color.
    • Add a new font to Windows and LabelEase can use it
    • Font size is automatically reduced at print time to avoid text overrun on a label
    • Recipient and Return address can be formated independently
  • Address List (the database)
    • Has an integrated internal database.
    • Store random data like email addresses, phone numbers etc. along with a category in the category field.
    • Works well 30,000 addresses
    • Imports addresses (via csv file)
    • Create multiple address lists, totally separate and independent of each other
    • Categories assigned to an address enable address grouping in an address list
    • Multiple instances of LabelEase can access the same address list.
    • Locate the address list (db) on SkyDrive, DropBox or LAN and connect to it there
    • Flexible database: simultaneous store addresses of different formats. US, European, British, long and short addresses .
    • Variable fields in address (US, European, Canadian or any other)