Current Version 3.11.7

Address Printing, Labeling and Data Storage Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Email and phone support are available from the Help menu in LabelEase.  There is also extensive local Help included with LabelEase.

Q: I purchased a license. Where's the key?

A key will be emailed to the address used in PayPal.  This usually happens within a couple of hours but please allow 24 hours. 

Q: But How do I get the addresses printing in the correct place?

Using the Media Designer form, drag the Address Placehholder to the desired position. 

Q: Can I print graphics?

Yes. Using the Media Designer form, add a Image Placeholder to the media item. You can then move, size and assign the placeholder an image.

Q: Can I print on the back flap of an envelope?

Yes!  Using the Media Designer form rotate the back flap address upside down. Leave the recipient address right side up. Open the envelope flap and send it through the printer. Both addresses are printed in a single pass through the printer.

Q: Which Fonts can i use?

All the fonts currently installed in Windows are accessible to LabelEase.  Additional Windows compatible fonts can be used by installing them into Windows.

Q: Can i use metric units?

Yes.  Metric and US units are supported. 

Q: I want to send correspondence to Europe.  Is the European address format supported?

Yes.  The address format is called the locale in LabelEase.  The European locale is included and you can alter it or add another locale.  In this way all locales in the world are supported. 

Q: What are the requirements to run LabelEase

LabelEase runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and 8.  LabelEase needs .Net Framework 4.0.  If it is not already on your computer it will be installed automatically during the LabelEase installation.