Current Version 3.11.7

Address Printing, Labeling and Data Storage Application

When required to print addresses or text-labels (non address text) one should be able to:

  • retrieve the addresses or text-labels with a few keystrokes
  • print directly on envelopes,  post cards or on specific labels on a labelsheet
  • perform the task intuitively

With LabelEase you can.

manage address and text-label data

  • Enter, import and store addresses or text-labels in an integrated database.
  • Store email addresses, phone numbers and random data.
  • Retrieve data using any field with a few keystrokes.
  • Move the integrated database to a cloud service, SkyDrive for example.
  • Access the database with multiple instances of LabelEase.

print addresses or text-labels

  • Print addresses or text-labels using any Windows compatible printer
  • Print on any papersize, with any font, in any color, in any postal code
  • Print text or graphics right side up or up side down on the back flap of envelopes
  • Drag and drop selected addresses

LabelEase is easy to learn, use and remember.

Figure 1 below shows the Home form in LabelEase. With this single form you can retrieve and print your data.

Search and retrieve addresses, select an envelope with a single click, drag and drop addresses

Figure 1

Here are some additional screen shots.

These are brief videos showing how to:

Download a free trial version of LabelEase.