Current Version 3.11.7

Address Printing, Labeling and Data Storage Application

Beauty Salon Client Information Management

Are you:

  • opening a beauty salon?
  • unhappy with your current customer management system?
  • planning a mailing: advertising or coupons for example?
  • in need of a simple way to manage client formula history?

LabelEase is a fast, easy, simple and reasonable solution.

LabelEase is a software program that allows you to quickly and easily store your customer's information:

  • formula history
  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • random information

You can then retrieve your customer's information with just a few key strokes. Everything is displayed on one screen. It is fast, fluid and intuitive.

Storing Customer Formula History, customer address, phone number, email and random data

If you wish to do a promotional postcard mailing for example, addresses can be printed directly on each postcard. Or if you prefer addresses can be easily printed on labels.

To organize customers for a mailing you simply store something in the LabelEase category box, something like "SpringPromo". You can then quickly and easily retrieve all the customer addresses with "SpringPromo" in the category field. The list can then be "dragged and dropped" to postcards or labelsheets for printing.

Keeping customer data all in one place is a good idea. If you have a "front" and "back" computer , install LabelEase on each. Both computers can then "talk to" a single customer list.

Avoid a huge single expensive software program that attempts to "do it all". Avoid paying for features you don't use. Remain flexible. Use small inexpensive separate applications like:

  • LabelEase to manage customer information. It can downloaded and purchased with a one time price here.
  • Copper to manage POS (point of sale). It is free and available here.
  • Many inexpensive accounting packages exist on line.

Good Luck! And may your business thrive!

(If your shop is in the Greater Buffalo area and you need some consulting assistance I can be contacted here.)